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14-Nov-2017 09:34

compensates well for the fact that there’s only three races.

There’s not a huge difference between playing a Human, Night Elf, or Dwarf.

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You’ll be reading a lot, and most of what you will be reading for the first hour of gameplay is instructions to go forth and grind until your thumbs have mastered the art of slinging spells without you needed to look at that bottom corner.

The game is completely online, and will ask you repeatedly if you are sure you want to use your mobile network to play.

Whether you are improving your armor or giving your skills a bump, the rune aspect of the game is a fun and fairly unique system.

Being free to play doesn’t hurt, but is an MMORPG played entirely on your i OS or Android phone.

The attacks are set on a clever little revolving carousel in the bottom right hand corner, so you still have access to everything you need to deal combo attacks.