Dating without kundera

10-Oct-2018 23:04

Sometimes you just have to learn on the job and that's what I did.I thought it was better to bring Ben and Katie up with two happy parents rather than in an unhappy environment where they were never going to flourish. My response was, there is a very fine line between brave and stupid."You know, its funny because I remember saying that so clearly and I remember how serious I was, how much I meant it," Vivienne says, 35 years later."I think it was a natural urge inside me to see the world.I was curious and wanted to see everything, and when I started travelling I didn't stop and I'm not done yet.I think it's so true that travelling broadens your mind.

"Yes it did, because I never expected to be in that situation and obviously the hardest part was its effect on the kids.

"Neither of us was happy and it just wasn't working anymore. It makes you more appreciative and grateful, especially when you hear others aren't so lucky.

It has definitely made me more patient, because you have to be, and probably taught me not to sweat about the small stuff.

As I said, my family are quite traditional, so it was tough on everyone." Vivienne previously told me: "And without being selfish, that was one of the things I couldn't get past for a long time: I felt very selfish. ' That's the one thing I always miss, the family unit, because I had it." I ask her how she dealt with that emotionally?

I kept saying to my sisters - 'How can I do this to my kids? "You just have to go with what feels right at the time, trust your guts and do your best. Strong woman- cum-manipulative man-eater Ingrid Gleeson is about to return to Fair City after a five-year absence.