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Here are 5 indicators that you’re more ‘fiends’ than ‘friends’. They’re a fair weather/bad weather friend Some friends have a magic ability to emerge from the woodwork when you’re either on the up or on a downer.You’ve probably heard of fair weather friends; the ones who are only ever around when things are going right.It's easy: simply create your personal profile and view your most compatible matches, browse profiles in your area and see who likes you.Friends are one of the reasons we wake up in the morning.Feelings cannot be turned off like a light switch – whether those feelings are ones of love or anger, they need time to help bring them into perspective.It sounds like a cliché, but time really is a great healer.They drain all your energy and make you wonder why you spend time with them.

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Often these are the kinds of friends you can dread meeting up with.

Some succeed, and some fail – often creating even more hurt in the process.

In our article ‘3 reasons you shouldn’t stay friends with your ex’, we gave you 3 good reasons not to try and extend the relationship.

That said, sometimes those friendships can turn sour.

Just because you loved spending time together teasing girls at school when you were 9 doesn’t mean you’ll still be the same people at 35.

Friends aren’t perfect and sometimes they rub us up the wrong way.