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Paul has a good website including info on composting, yard and hazardous waste.

The city of Minneapolis also has a website with lots of helpful info.

The individual making the report is encouraged to provide as much detailed information as possible to allow the institute to look into the report and respond as appropriate.

The institute’s Title IX Coordinator, Heather Walsh, will receive the report filed. Minneapolis, MN 55414 If the complaint involves a student, the Title IX Coordinator will also distribute the report to the Student Services Manager, Shayla Floyd. Minneapolis, MN 55414 If the complaint involves an employee, Jill Gohman, Director of Human Resources for Aveda Corporation, will also receive the report.

She oversees the school’s response to reports and complaints of sex discrimination. Heather Walsh Title IX Coordinator, Aveda Institute Minneapolis [email protected](612) 378-7433 400 Central Ave. The Student Services Manager serves as Deputy Title IX Coordinator for sexual misconduct complaints involving students. Shayla Floyd Student Services Manager, Aveda Institute Minneapolis [email protected](612) 378-7406 400 Central Ave. She serves as a Deputy Title IX Coordinator for sexual misconduct complaints involving employees. Blaine, MN 55449 If a complaint involves both a student and an employee, Jill Gohman, Director of Human Resources, will have primary responsibility for implementing the institute’s policy.

Jill Gohman Director, Human Resources [email protected](763) 951-6916 4000 Pheasant Ridge Dr.

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Walt Mink was such an awesomely dynamic live band; even the kid from Howler might approve. And after spending an afternoon in her garden I’m convinced that what the world needs now is raspberry bushes, sweet raspberry bushes. We didn’t live solely off the land, but sometimes it felt a little bit like that.WP: Recycling beats sending stuff to a landfill, but the collection and recycling process is still energy intensive.It is so much more effective to avoid the package in the first place. HH: It has been a gradual process, with a few dramatic moments along the way.My daughter became vegetarian when she was 8 or 9 (she’s 20 now), and I basically joined her in that.

Not eating meat reduces waste a lot more than I realized.

And we found places to recycle different things that the city recycling won’t currently take: hard plastic bottle caps at Aveda Salons, wine corks and certain plastics and plastic bags can be taken to Whole Foods or the co-ops (and we bought reusable bags for produce so we don’t use as many plastic bags).

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