Madagasikara dating

02-Jun-2018 12:17

This practice was taken over by the Malagasy, if it can be assumed that they learnt the Arabic script from the Javanese.If they did, this probably happened during continued contacts after the period of migration.By the European Middle Ages, over a dozen predominant ethic identities had emerged on the island, typified by rule under a local chieftain.Among some communities, such as the Sakalava, Merina the Betsimisaraka, leaders seized the opportunity to unite these disparate communities and establish true kingdoms under their rule.There are striking similarities between "Sorabe" and "Pegon" writings (the Javanese version of Arabic script).

However, more studies claim that this writing scheme might have been possibly introduced by Javanese Malagasy ancestors.

Those "Sorabe" are bound in leather and the texts are named after the colour of the skin.