Negative effects of teen dating violence

21-Sep-2017 23:40

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Although more research is needed, Safe Dates, the Youth Relationships Project, the 4th R curriculum, the Ending Violence curriculum, and the Shifting Boundaries program are all promising practices for increasing awareness of the risks and consequences of dating violence and/or reducing teen dating violence behavior.Participants in the Child Safety Collaborative Innovation and Improvement Network (CS Co IIN) are identifying and developing innovative ways to collect real-time outcomes data.Unfortunately, because the parents may be experiencing psychological trauma, depression or emotional numbness, they often are not able to provide their children with the emotional connection they need.Studies have shown that the single most effective protector for children is a strong, positive relationship with a caring adult, even if that adult is not a parent or relative.

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Children who grow up in a household characterized by cruelty and immorality come to believe domestic violence is normal.

[2], [3], [4] Public health professionals and parents can help adolescents build healthy and respectful relationships.

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